DHI MIKE Zero 2014 SP3 32位+64位 水利系统建模软件


DHI MIKE Zero 2014 SP3 32位+64位 水利系统建模软件
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几十年来,MIKE通过DHI已经为的是能够在水中建模标准 而现在我们正在做一遍! 2014发布带来了无数的新功能提供了许多新的可能性,这将有助于你的工作,甚至更多。

DHI MIKE Zero 2014 SP3安装过程比较简单,根据你的系统选择32位或64位安装包安装,然后安装更新包,最后一键打补丁就可以了。具体安装过程请参考下载地址中的安装视频DHI MIKE URBAN 2014 SP3 32+64位下载地址
MIKE通过DHI涵盖了整个水环境循环,一个高度集成的方式,并以比以往更多的功能。无论您是在海洋,港口和海岸,水资源管理,河道,洪水,城市,地下水或污水工作,MIKE通过DHI 2014是专为您的建模需求。随着新版本大约每一年,我们的软件是暴露于真实世界的测试和持续改进的质量专家。
MIKE Zero是DHI公司的通用名称,完全集成Windows图形用户界面来设置仿真,预处理和后处理分析,演示和可视化中的项目为导向的环境。
MIKE Zero框架,可以访问下面的DHI建模系统:
MIKE HYDRO  集水区,河流和洪泛平原的物理和概念模型系统。
MIKE 11  河流和渠道一维模型系统。
MIKE 21  对河口,沿海水域和海洋二维建模系统。
MIKE 3  深海,河口和近岸海域三维建模系统。
MIKE 21/3  集成模式(包括MIKE 21/3耦合模式FM,这使得波浪,水流泥沙模型之间的完全动态耦合)。
MIKE FLOOD  内陆洪水和城市防洪研究一维,二维建模系统。
LITPACK  濒海流程和海岸线动力学建模系统。
MIKE SHE  耦合地下水和地表水的资源建模系统。

DHI MIKE Zero 2014 SP3 32位+64位

For decades MIKE by DHI has set standards for what is possible in water modelling – and now we are doing it again! Release 2014 is here and its numerous new features provide many new possibilities that will facilitate your work even more. 
The demands for highly advanced and innovative modelling tools are continuously increasing and DHI strives to be on the forefront of these future demands and deliver products and services that match your specific modelling needs. Now, with Release 2014, software modelling has become even more efficient including improved usability and flexibility. With the improvements of Release 2014 it is once again emphasised why MIKE by DHI is the ideal and preferred software package for your business within water environments. 
MIKE by DHI covers the entire water environments cycle in a highly integrated manner and with more features than ever before. Whether you are working within marine, ports and coasts, water resource management, rivers, flooding, urban, groundwater or wastewater, MIKE by DHI 2014 is tailored for your modelling needs. With a new release approximately every year, our software is exposed to real-world testing and continuous quality enhancements by experts.
MIKE Zero is the common name of DHI's fully Windows integrated graphical user interface for setting up simulations, pre- and post-processing analysis, presentation and visualisation within a project oriented environment. Presently, the MIKE Zero framework gives access to the following DHI modelling systems:
- MIKE HYDRO - A physical and conceptual model system for catchments, rivers and floodplains.
- MIKE 11 - a 1D modelling system for rivers and channels.
- MIKE 21 - a 2D modelling system for estuaries, coastal water and seas.
- MIKE 3 - a 3D modelling system for deep seas, estuaries and coastal waters.
- MIKE 21/3 - Integrated Models (including the MIKE 21/3 Coupled Model FM, which allows full dynamic coupling between wave, flow and sediment transport models).
- MIKE FLOOD - a 1D-2D modelling system for inland flood and urban flood studies.
- LITPACK - a modelling system for littoral processes and coastline kinetics.
- MIKE SHE - a modelling system for coupled groundwater and surface water resources.

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