GeoStru Slope 2013 v8.18.1.1001 英文版


GeoStru Slope 2013 v8.18.1.1001 英文版
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GeoStru Slope 2013可以利用Fellenius、Bishop、Janbu、Bell、Sarma、斯宾塞极限平衡状态的方法分析土壤或岩石边坡稳定性的静态和地震,摩根斯坦价格离散单元法(DEM)为圆形,圆面可以确定边坡滑动和非,检查一个逐渐失效,并利用各种模型受力变形的关系。钢筋桩,重力和/或钢筋混凝土支撑墙、网布、土工布、锚和梯田可以指定。分布式和点负载可以被定义。
动态分析:用于直接积分法和模态叠加使用Newmark法地震条件下边坡稳定性分析的数值方法(1965)。它允许的永久位移的计算,通过整合的相对加速度的滑坡体。它也有可能产生人工记录或导入SIMQKE强震:Sabetta F. Pugliese A.:反应谱和非平稳地震地面运动模拟估计。
加筋土挡土结构的设计与验证。进行验证:棒或条筋土工合成材料的拉拔和断裂,局部稳定(锚杆)、稳定性(复合),滑动验证一个刚体,极限载荷、倾覆。提供标准:ntc2008,GRI(土工合成材料研究所),BS8006 / 1995(加强/增强土壤和其他填充料的守则),FHWA(美国联邦公路管理局)。


This program carries out the analysis of soil or rock slope stability both in static and seismic states utilizing the limit equilibrium methods of Fellenius, Bishop, Janbu, Bell, Sarma, Spencer, Morgenstern & Price and Discrete elements method (DEM) for circular and non circular surfaces by which it is possible to ascertain slippages in the slope, examine a gradual failure, and employ various models of force-deformation relationship. Reinforcements with piles, gravity and/or reinforced concrete bracing walls, nettings, geofabrics, anchors, and terracing may be specified. Distributed and point loads may be defined.
Optional modules
Dynamic Analysis: Numerical method for the analysis of slope stability under seismic conditions for direct integration and modal superposition using Newmark's method (1965). It allows the computation of permanent displacements of landslide mass by integrating the relative acceleration. It is also possible to generate the artificial accelerograms or import accelerograms from: SIMQKE and Sabetta F., Pugliese A.: Estimation of Response Spectra and Simulation of Nonstationary Earthquake Ground Motions.
Slope 3D
Generation of digital 3D models from GIS, DXF or Text files. Import of files from SRTM (SRTM is a software created by GEOSTRU,included in the GEOAPP free suite, which allows the generation of a 3D model by simply selecting an area on Google Maps). The sections to be analyzed with Slope are automatically created in a dynamic way by moving on the 3D model.
DEM - Discrete Element Method 
Advanced numerical method for the analysis of slope stability in static and dynamic conditions. Very sofisticated model of computation of linear and nonlinear analysis based on the behavior of the ductile or fragile soil.
M.R.E. (Mechanically reinforced earth)
Design and verification of reinforced soil retaining structures. Are carried out verification at: pullout and break for bar or strips reinforcements and geosynthetics, local stability (Tieback), global stability (Compound), sliding verifications of a rigid body, limit load, overturning. Provided standards: NTC2008, GRI (Geosynthetic Research Institute), BS8006/1995 (Code of practice for strengthened/reinforced soils and other fills), FHWA (Federal Highway Administration).
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